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This dark secret continued throughout the Bible, and finally Jeremiah declared: men shall no longer speak of the Ark of the Covenant, nor shall it come to mind.
The historic route covers the ancient town of Axum with its amazing carved obelisks, festivals and relics including the Ark of the Covenant, Gondar with its castles and palaces, Lalibela with its remarkable rock-hewn churches and the walled Muslim city of Harar.
Find the Ark of the Covenant, return it to Jerusalem and place it in a newly constructed Third Temple.
Still others say the description of the drum is a far cry from the gold-covered Ark of the Covenant described in Exodus complete with its golden cherubim.
The baby in Elisheva's womb leaps and dances in response to Maryam's greeting--as David did before the Ark of the Covenant (2 Samuel 6:16).
of what he believes is The Lost Ark of The Covenant.
The object would simply be a mediating focal point, not unlike the Ark of the Covenant, which God specifically approves.
Philosophers Stone by scientist, adventurer, inventor, and entrepreneur Hank Kroll, is an amazing study of the monatomic element (the m-state) or white-powder-of-gold carried in the Ark Of The Covenant of ancient Israel.
You'll find it in the Old Testament Book of Exodus, part of the Ark of the Covenant which supposedly contains the 10 Commandments.
But these documents aren't dumped into an oblivion a la the vast storehouse to which the ark of the covenant is destined in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
The priests carry the ark of the covenant, Joshua hears God's call and takes Moses' place, and the people follow the ark, their leader, and their divine instructions.