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The purpose of the Ark of the Covenant story, according to this idea, was intended to give religious legitimacy to Kiryat Yearim.
Articles appeared describing the Ark of the Covenant as "a very expensive but very perfect Leyden jar," (5) or in similar terms.
Who doesn't thrill to the dynamic archaeologist on an historic quest to rescue the Ark of the Covenant / an Indian village / the Holy Grail?
Major visions included that of the Ark of the Covenant on 1 March 1989, the Scroll of Creation one month later, the Star of Creation on 16 October 1991, and the Hidden Treasure later in 1991.
At the conclusion of the movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, a government employee pushes an unlabeled crate that is assumed to contain the Ark of the Covenant into a vast storage facility containing thousands of identical boxes.
One volunteer constructs a makeshift Sukkah inside her small apartment in an effort to mimic what it might have felt like to cart the Ark of the Covenant around in the desert for forty years.
The original and best Indiana Jones movies, with Harrison Ford as the whip-cracking archeologist trying to find the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis, in Steven Spielberg's brilliant action adventure.
He''s on a do-or-die mission to find the all powerful Lost Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis do.
[iota][lambda][alpha][sigma][tau][eta][rho][iota]ov ("mercy sear" or "cover'' of the ark of the covenant which received the blood offerings during the annual rite for the atonement of sins) is translated by the New Revised Standard Version as "sacrifice of atonement" (Rom 3:25).
His latest leap, though, has landed him in a minefield.The subject at hand is this British scholar's contention that the remains of a 700-year-old bowl-shaped relic that he tracked down in a Zimbabwe museum storeroom in 2007 could be a replica of the Ark of the Covenant
THE SIGN AND THE SEAL Following obscure clues from ancient stories and Biblical tales, through the secretive workings of the Knights Templar, Hancock claims to have traced the Lost Ark of the Covenant from its source in ancient Egypt to its final resting place in Africa, in the ancient city of Axum.
Holiness was not determined solely by personal piety or righteousness but by nearness to the presence of God, who was thought to be enthroned in the Holy of Holies over the Ark of the Covenant. When the ark was given a permanent place of residence in the temple that Solomon built, God's holiness was thought to fill that place with glory.