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Major visions included that of the Ark of the Covenant on 1 March 1989, the Scroll of Creation one month later, the Star of Creation on 16 October 1991, and the Hidden Treasure later in 1991.
The Ark of the Covenant was a wooden box with the following dimensions: 122 x 76 cm (4x21/2 x 21/2 feet).
One says the original Ark of the Covenant may have been destroyed when the Babylonians invaded Jerusalem in 586 BC, that several copies likely were made and that one was taken to Ethiopia by Prince Menelik, the son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.
Through the power of the Most High and Holy God, the very Spirit of God overshadowed Mary, and she became what the early church was proud to call the living Ark of the Covenant.
Ethiopia is said to be the land of the fabled Queen of Sheba, home of the Ark of the Covenant, the birthplace of coffee, 'Lucy' - the world's oldest known almost complete hominid skeleton that is more than three million years old," said Tesfaye Desalegne Biwota, head, tourism marketing and promotion department of the Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
His latest book, The Lost Ark of the Covenant, is out now
He attempts to unravel the threads of seven compelling mysteries, including the Garden of Eden, Noah's Ark, the Exodus, the Ark of the Covenant and the Ten Lost Tribes.
The religious mysticism surrounding the Lost Ark of the Covenant is what captured his imagination in the first place, he says, and it's the mysticism surrounding the Holy Grail and now the Crystal Skull that keeps him fascinated by the franchise.
Well it's not quite the Ark of the Covenant, or even Pandora's Box, but the BBC had no idea what it was unleashing when it opened an innocent-looking unmarked tin in the archives - the earliest episode of cheap and cheerless soap Crossroads.
Its tale of an archaeologist action hero who battles Nazis - the personification of evil - while discovering the Ark of the Covenant captivated millions.
Like the quest for the Holy Grail--the cup from which Jesus is said to have sipped at the Last Supper--the search for the lost Ark of the Covenant has inspired scholars and adventurers since it vanished following the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem in 587 BC.
But unlike his fictional alter ego, the "British Indiana Jones" claims he's discovered the genuine Ark of the Covenant -- or at least a direct descendant of the vessel constructed to hold the original tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments.