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Between approximately 1180 and 1250, armigery also spread widely among the landed simple knights of the same region, and by 1270 almost every knight and every adult squire of knightly birth in that region had become armigerous. The primary motivation for armigery among simple knights and squires was almost certainly their desire to raise their kindred into the Noble Estate.
Heraldic visitations were intermittent, and not all gentry were armigerous.(22) Coats of arms may have expressed gentle status, but they did not define it.
He shunned the ducal court and allied himself instead with the donors of his altarpieces: small bankers, armigerous traders, merchant grocers, stationers and master tanners, and others less rich, such as the nuns and brothers who tended the patients at the Hospital of St.
With this practice, Shallow stresses that he is a member of the armigerous gentry--a gentleman who, although not a peer, is entitled to bear a coat of arms.
Okill, who was already armigerous by heredity through his Loyalist ancestor, the Reverend Dr.
Thomas More's low opinion of the armigerous nobility being well-known, I want to consider the socio-political ramifications of the two most important Irish tracts: Spenser's A View of the Present State of Ireland (1596) and Sir John Davies's A Discovery of the True Causes Why Ireland Was Never Entirely Subdued (1612).
Towards the end of his life Fastolf complained to his secretary, William Worcester, that the armigerous class was more habituated to office-holding and the courts of law than to the field of battle.