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As a result, Schumer successfully pushed in the just-passed budget deal to repurpose and transfer those unused funds into the pot of funds used for the Army Corps construction of coast resiliency projects in New York.
But it has one notable addition: It says the Army Corps should have warned property owners of their flood risk - and compensated them for it by purchasing easements - because they were built on land the agency considers part of the reservoirs.
Because of its potential to harm the river, the Army Corps will be disabling this outdated technology and safeguarding the facility through other means.
Army Corps of Engineers is not aware of any new allegations of non-payment for work in recent weeks since the work on the project restarted, we will work with applicable Bulgarian authorities to the fullest extent of the law to ensure the concerns of subcontractors are properly addressed.
We are actively engaging with the Army Corps of Engineers and with our congressional representatives to try and increase the amount of dredging .
This is news for rejoicing among the "god of navigable rivers" as the Army Corps of Engineers has been ordained by Congress.
In 1996, Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, Democrat of South Dakota, invited Republican Governor William Janklow and several tribal chairmen to Washington to negotiate the transfer of excess land taken by the Army Corps of Engineers to the state and the tribes.
Army Corps of Engineers, Adams says, is that they "dig, ditch, drain, and dam, and to hell with everything else.
Today, I sat down with the nominee to head the Army Corps of Engineers to talk about our states priorities for protecting our cities, residents, and businesses.
As of now, the Army Corps says there's enough excess water in the reservoirs that some of it will flow around (not overtop) these auxiliary spillways.

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