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In June of 2008, a boy of seventeen named Rudy Haddad was walking in a larger Jewish arondissement in Paris, wearing a skullcap, when he was set upon by 15-30 "African immigrants" and beaten brutally.
Projects over a certain value are subject to design competitions and this was how Jakob + MacFarlane found themselves in the 19th arondissement, a change from their Docks de Paris locale and programme (017, AR February 2009).
African migrants populate this text of memories: in Paris, the many blacks on the streets of the 13th arondissement, the Cameroonian owner of a favourite restaurant in Montparnasse, and the illegal North African immigrants who share a train compartment with Breytenbach; and in Spain, in Barcelona the "black Africans without identity papers or permits hanging out on the Placa Catalunya with bundles and plastic bags containing all their worldly possessions" (86) and the Nigerian and Ghanaian prostitutes, on the roads the Moroccan immigrant families heading home for the holidays, and in the South the increasing number of illegal immigrants being captured as they land on Spanish beaches or whose dead bodies are washed up there.