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A sum of money that has not been paid or has only been paid in part at the time it is due.

A person who is "in arrears" is behind in payments due and thus has outstanding debts or liabilities. For example, a tenant who has not paid rent on the day it is due is in arrears.

Arrears may also refer to the late distribution of the dividends of cumulative preferred stock.

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n. money not paid when due, usually the sum of a series of unpaid amounts, such as rent, installments on an account or promissory note, or monthly child support. Sometimes these are called "arrearages."

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Say, Plornish, though six weeks in arrear to my proprietor, declines.
Knots of people, impelled by a fatal attraction, lurked outside any house in which he was known to be, listening for fragments of his discourses to the inmates; and, when he was rumoured to be coming down the stairs, often could not disperse so quickly but that he would be prematurely in among them, demanding their own arrears, and rooting them to the spot.
There is a pile of these arrears very soon, and it swells like a rolling snowball.
"The arrear amount against the labourer payment is worth Rs 9 lakh 99 thousand and two recoveries against RERA costing Rs 34 lakh 48 thousand and 19 lakh 50 thousand respectively," said Tripathi.
The power utility also expressed concern at residential arrear debt.
Bond investors will get a 6.5% coupon with the interest paid twice a year in arrear.
Irregular payment of pay arrear to Water and Power Consultancy Services Limited (WAPCOS) amounted to Nu 36mn and irregular payment of arrear of Bhutan Compensatory Allowance accounted at Nu 18.223mn.
Old Mutual said: "These dividends were declared in breach of Old Mutual's rights as preference shareholder, since arrear preference dividends were unpaid at the time and, at the time of the second dividend declaration, the preference share capital was redeemable.
'Management established a task team in March to come up with strategies for arrear collection and to curb increasing rental arrears.
1352/- million as supplementary grant to meet the liabilities of PARC on account of 10% increase in salary, pension, commutation, PM family assistance package for deceased employees, 35% arrear of rental ceiling.
The duplum rule is a common law rule that provides that arrear interest ceases to accrue once the sum of the unpaid interest equals the amount of capital outstanding at the time and not the amount of capital originally advanced.