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ARREARAGE. Money remaining unpaid after it becomes due as rent unpaid interest remaining due Pow. Mortgages, Index, h.t.; a sum of money remaining in the hands of an accountant. Merl. Rep. h.t.; Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.

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Curran had a full and fair opportunity to dispute the amount of arrearages in the J&DR proceedings.
Using arrearage amount as a proxy for wealth (the link between arrearage and wealth is discussed in detail in Section VI), we find that customers with lower level of wealth tend to experience greater electricity reduction after the switch.
However, the repayment of the support arrearage could involve periodic payments once the initial amount has been determined.
You shall deduct [Choose only one] () the full amount, ()--%, or () none of the income which is payable to the obligor in the form of a bonus or other similar one-time payment, up to the amount of arrearage reported in the Income Deduction Order or the remaining balance thereof, and forward the payment to the State of Florida Disbursement Unit.
Today, three-fourths of the states have laws that permit the reduction of child support orders during incarceration, thus avoiding the large arrearage problem upon release.
Based on the clustering technique in data mining, this paper focuses on the problem of finding abnormal outliers in large data set by using Kohonen neural network clustering algorithm, and gives the specific method to forecast the behavior of malicious arrearage.
During that time, the debtor will have paid a significant sum to the lender to cure the pre-bankruptcy arrearage and to maintain current payments.
Relative to child support, the final orders of a state to be enforced under full faith and credit are accrued arrearages. Assisting in collection of such arrearages is the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act (UEFJA), drafted by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL), which establishes a procedure for judgment creditors to enforce a judgment in another state provided it has enacted the uniform act.(6) Thirty-six state legislatures have enacted one or the other of two versions of the act.
At the time, he had no support arrearage or ongoing obligation to make payments.
At that, the arrearage of the bank sector to the regulator remained at the former level, and demand of credit organizations grew at the direct REPO auction.