Arrest Warrant

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Arrest Warrant

A written order issued by authority of the state and commanding the seizure of the person named.

An arrest warrant must be based on a complaint that alleges Probable Cause that the person named has committed a specific offense, and it must be issued according to the formalities required by the rules of the court. The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure specify that the warrant must be signed by the magistrate and must describe the offense charged. The defendant must be named or described in such a way that he or she can be identified with reasonable certainty. The warrant must also command that the defendant be arrested and brought before the nearest available magistrate.

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arrest warrant (warrant of arrest)

n. a judge's order to law enforcement officers to arrest and bring to jail a person charged with a crime. The warrant is issued upon a sworn declaration by the district attorney, a police officer or an alleged victim that the accused person committed a crime. (See: warrant of arrest)

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Moreover, the judge has adjourned the hearing till October 27 issuing non-bailable arrest warrants of both the accused.
Petitioner while praying the court to set aside the order of ECP regarding issuance of non-bailable arrest warrants against PTI Chief stated political rival's too are criticizing Imran khan after election commission has issued his arrest warrants'.
According to judicial sources, Military Judge Fadi Sawwan issued an arrest warrant for Ammar Omar Adib, who was detained in Lebanon earlier this week, and another one in absentia for Mohammad Shaker Bashlah, who was detained upon his arrival in Lebanon from abroad, based on the warrant.
However, Hamza's counsel submitted that he did not press the petitions if the court directs NAB to give 10 days time for legal remedy if the arrest warrants are issued.
Naheed Shah was served several notices but she did not appear which angered the court and resulted in her non-bail able arrest warrants. The court ordered the Federal Investigation Agency to arrest Durrani and present her in court on December 11.
The STL issued international arrest warrants over the weekend against those accused of killing Hariri in 2005.
It may be mentioned here that during last week hearing, the court had also maintained his bailable arrest warrants and rejected his application seeking exemption from personal hearing.
He pleaded with the court for withdrawing the arrest warrants. Subsequently, the court withdrew bailable arrest warrants.
Rabat Moroccan police at the Ceuta border crossing arrested a French-Turkish national for alleged links to international drug trafficking network on Saturday, August 31.A statement from the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) said that the police arrested the suspect on the basis of an international arrest warrant issued by French authorities on July 29.Read Also:Morocco Foils Trafficking of 700 Kg of Cannabis Resin in Northern MoroccoDGSN added that the arrest of the 27-year old suspect is part of the strengthening of international cooperation in the fight against cross border crime and security operations to arrest internationally wanted suspects.Police put the suspect in custody for further investigation during the pending the extradition procedure.
BEIRUT: Military Investigative Judge Marcel Bassil Monday issued arrest warrants for four people suspected of involvement in last month's deadly Aley incident, local media reported.
The arrest warrants were issued on an appeal of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).
Ruskoska said that for the case she was in charge of about the organizers of the events in Parliament of 27 April 2017, she requested, via the Interior Ministry, that local and international arrest warrants be issued.