Arrested for felony assault

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Hello, my girlfriend's daughter is in a jam. She has a baby daughter with a man she no longer dates. However, the daughter and the baby's dad were recently involved in a fight outside a restaurant. The daughter came to the restaurant to pick up her baby from the dad and a fight begins. I believe it started out verbal and led to him punching the daughter (Girlfriends daughter). After some time he begin to strangle the baby's mom and she eventually used a knife that she had with her to stab his hand and free herself. After all was said and done the baby's dad pressed charges and the baby's mom was later arrested for felony assault. The baby's mom is still in jail and will receive six months if the baby's dad doesn't drop the charges. If the dad drops the charges she's free to go. My question is would it be wise to try to persuade the dad to drop the charges? Do you think hiring a lawyer other than a public defender would be a better route to take? (Money is an issue)? It seems like it's all in the dad's hands.


The state could still prosecute but yes getting dad to agree would very much help.
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While one person was arrested for felony assault on a police officer and for malicious burning, the other was arrested on charges of obstructing police investigation and resisting arrest, the American daily reported.
She was arrested for felony assault and taken to the Lane County Jail.