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ARRESTEE, law of Scotland. He in whose hands a debt, or property in his possession, has been arrested by a regular arrestment. If, in contempt of the arrestment, he shall make payment of the sum, or deliver the goods arrested to the common debtor, he is not only liable criminally for breach of the arrestment, but he must pay the debt again to the arrester. Ersk. Pr. L. Scot. 3, 6, 6.

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The Department of Risk Management is seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide administrative services for patient arrestee medical bills.
47) Because an arrestee has privacy rights more like an ordinary citizen than a prisoner or convicted felon, the interest of the government in DNA is problematic.
Robinson, (2) explained that a case-by-case justification for searching an arrestee is not required for a search incident to arrest to be reasonable under the Fourth Amendment.
These decisions state a broader rule than the early strip-search cases: Any practice that requires an arrestee to be seen naked by jail staff violates the Fourth Amendment unless reasonable suspicion exists to justify the search.
The most prevalent drug among the welfarereceiving arrestee population was cocaine (48 Percent), followed by marijuana (27 percent) (Table 2).
The indictment alleges that on September 9, 2001, at the District 14 police station in Brighton, Sergeant BYRNE ordered the arrestee to be brought into the guard room and then struck the arrestee in the face, thereby fracturing his mandible, and otherwise shoved and threw him around the room.
To explore the temporal consistency of agreement between two recent drug use measures, marijuana urinalysis results are compared to self-reported 30-day marijuana use for 33,313 juvenile arrestees surveyed through the Arrestee Drug Monitoring (ADAM) Program between 1991 and 1997.
Despite the low probability of harm, discharge of an arrestee with medical needs presents a high-risk situation that demands detailed standards for medical and police conduct.
Data collected in the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring (ADAM) program on alcohol and other drug use among arrestees provide a valuable opportunity to examine the relationship between alcohol use and violence.
unveiled the first-ever radio-frequency identification (RFID) Arrestee Management System to accelerate the speed and accuracy with which arrestees are captured, identified, and managed from the point of arrest to release.
An arrestee filed a [section] 1983 action alleging that city health inspectors and police officers violated her constitutional rights during her arrest and detention for violations of a city nuisance law.