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This can be explained by the fuel impact, which is represented in the Arrhenius equation with the activation energy [E.
This new empirical equation which is a modified or reformulated Arrhenius equation must be considered to calculate the activation energy.
Interpretation of the experiment using the Arrhenius equation
The correlation between reaction rate constants and activation energy can be obtained using Arrhenius equation.
The rate of polysilicon deposition increases rapidly with temperature, since it follows the Arrhenius equation
Because the dominant variable in most reactions is the temperature, based on the Arrhenius equation, the deposition rate can be expressed as follows (21):
Arrhenius Equation (Equation 5) is widely used to model and evaluate parameters that modify with temperature, including shrinkage, during the drying process of agricultural products.
Specifically, the determination of Arrhenius equation parameters, he activation energy and pre-exponential factor from the measured temperature curves.
The Arrhenius equation used here is, however, based on fundamental chemical principles and, being quite non-linear, casts some doubt on the universal applicability of empirical linear regression.
A value of activation energy for the corrosion reaction of zinc in the presence and absence of different concentration of Azardirachta indica leaves extract has been calculated using Arrhenius Equation (Equation 6)
The Arrhenius equation is named after Svante Arrhenius who identified the relationship of temperature to the rate of a chemical reaction in 1889.