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This is not strictly accurate, as Egypt has had a permanent pavilion for decades, but a sub-Saharan African nation gained a permanent place only this year, with the opening of South Africa's venue in the Arsenale.
Held at Venice's Arsenale, the hub of the imperial Venetian Navy, the Aperto began in 1980 as a different space for exhibits of emerging ideas by artists and architects from countries without a national pavilion to display their work.
This year's Biennale, if not vintage, provoked questions on the meaning of globalisation vis-a-vis art, the nature of collectors, how to do political art, what possessed the Swiss, why a lingerie ad adorned the Doge's palace, the extent of the Arsenale, how to write this for ACE and the possibility of a side-trip to San Giorgio (no).
But should a day laborer from the Arsenale have consensual sex with a coworker in the hopes that they might share living costs in the future, likely no one would take umbrage and bring the matter to the authorities.
Scopri che non piu tardi di in'ora prima u carabinieri avevano "fatto irruzione in in covo di terroristi di estrema sinistra" trovandovi "in considerevole arsenale di armi e minizioni.
The works of Bartolomeo Bon, Mauro Codussi, and the Lombardo brothers, along with the great civic landmarks of the Porta della Carta, the Arsenale Gate, and the Torre dell'Orologio, all established important precedents that laid the foundations for the glories of the Cinquecento.
BOAT SHOW IN VENICE Venetian Apartments (020 8878 1130) offers seven nights' self-catering in 15th century house overlooking Campo Arsenale from Mar 17 to catch International Boat Show for pounds 270 per person (four sharing).
In 2002, the administrators of the Venice Biennale art exhibition invited Colbert to show in the large, spacious Arsenale.
And the fascinating Le Navi Antiche di Pisa museum (Medici Arsenale, Ponte della Cittadella) uncovers PisaOs rich naval history up until the 16th Century, when the old harbour silted up.
Financial support from Arsenale Militare di Taranto (Italy) is acknowledged.
5-metre-long model of the Middlehaven development is being exhibited in The Corderie in the Venice Arsenale - the venue for works that have transformed architecture since the 1970s.
Performances take place at Teatro Piccolo Arsenale, Teatro alle Tese, Palafenice, and Teatro Fondamenta Nuove.