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Based on the previous study as well as the time course of sodium intake observed in the present study, sodium intake and arterial blood pressure in the DOCA-salt hypertensive rats reached to plateau after 4 weeks.
During normal pregnancy, plasma volume expands as a result of arteriolar vasodilatation, and arterial blood pressure falls (Duvekot et al.
The present study aimed to determine if ABS could be successfully used to control major arterial bleeding from the femoral artery and abdominal aorta, particularly in the presence of elevated systemic arterial blood pressure.
The investigation of psycho-physiological human reactions was carried out by non-invasive measurement of both systolic and diastolic arterial blood pressure and also pulse rate during the working day.
Early recognition of changes in the patient's status, such as a decrease in arterial blood pressure or urinary catheter blockage, is easily performed.
The values of mean arterial blood pressure and pulse rate before and after the anesthetic techniques are shown in Table 2.
Diastolic pressure, a measurement of the relaxation of the heart, indicates the lowest arterial blood pressure reached during a heartbeat.
The wedge pressure decreased by a significant amount, and there was not a lot of change in arterial blood pressure.
Such oscillations may or may not be synchronized with ventilation and/or arterial blood pressure.
Naturally elevated arterial blood pressure at the giraffe's heart level (just below its elongated neck) maintains normal blood pressure and flow at head level, they say.
Monitoring of arterial blood pressure in the freely moving Gottingen minipig with minimally invasive methods.
The latest clinical evidence builds on previous research showing that the Surefire's unique, pliable expanding tip controls downstream hepatic arterial blood pressure changes that potentially increase tumor uptake of embolization agents.