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The incidence of arterial thrombosis was also significantly higher in women undergoing chemotherapy with tamoxifen compared with those receiving chemotherapy alone (1.
There are numerous predisposing factors to arterial thrombosis within this clinical picture.
But HIV is also associated with a variety of acquired coagulopathies that increase the incidence of venous and arterial thrombosis, including antiphospholipid-anticardoplipin antibodies, increased platelet activation, elevated serum homocysteine levels, lupus anticoagulant, elevated plasma factor VII activity, activated protein C resistance, protein C deficiency, and protein S deficiency [1-10].
These autoantibodies significantly correlate with arterial thrombosis.
Several reports have documented an increased risk of venous and arterial thrombosis in HIV-infected patients (1-4).
1) Arterial thrombosis is the most common underlying cause of acute myocardial infarction, non-hemorrhagic cerebrovascular accidents, and peripheral vascular disease.
Key Words: Buerger disease, tobacco consumption, older age, inflammatory venous and arterial thrombosis, small- or medium-sized vessels, angiographic features, autoimmune and hypercoagulable diseases
Specific topics include pharmacology and in vivo efficacy of pepducins in hemostasis and arterial thrombosis, applications of CPPs as signal transduction modulators, mechanistic insights into guanidinium-rich transporters entering cells, and toxicity methods or CPPs.
However, the good news is, it doesn't increase the risk of arterial thrombosis so there's no greater risk of heart attacks or strokes.
0; for those with uncomplicated arterial thrombosis, warfarin INR 3.
2002) recently suggested that the mechanism for arsenic-induced cardiovascular disease is the increased susceptibility of platelets to aggregate, resulting in enhanced arterial thrombosis.
chronically inhibit arterial thrombosis (formation of blood clots in the