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Instead, we present artificial patterns to the patient, in order to tune the implant to the individual patient and to teach the patient how to interpret this new, artificial vision.
Human beings are able to make out the distance and depth of objects thanks to our two eyes - the same occurs with artificial vision," explained the researcher.
Strict quality control requirements and technology evolution have driven this company to develop machines designed with artificial vision for visual inspection of physical features like dimension, aspect, form and composition.
Practitioners in this new field, almost all in the US, offers an overview of it, discussing such aspects as event-related potentials, cerebral hemodynamics and vigilance, sleep and circadian control of neuro-behavioral functions, neural engineering, artificial vision, and medical safety.
Research underway in Europe aims to improve and advance artificial vision technology to solve two problems: classifying fresh products and determining quality in a rapid and reliable way.
A biomedical engineering team has announced development of an artificial vision system providing independent mobility to blind people.
Mart Docking Assist will improve passenger flow at airports, artificial vision to automate the bridge-to-aircraft docking process and improve safety during airport operations, brings park assist solutions from the automotive industry to Passenger Boarding bridges
The problem in the United States is they have a very artificial vision.
and 'Eye trauma and electronic retinal implants for artificial vision or bionic eye' respectively.