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That is why we have so exhaustively spoken out against artificial birth control and now anti-biotics.
At the crux of the dispute was Aquino's open support to the Reproductive Health Law which advocates the use of artificial birth control means to control the country's high population growth.
The Vatican censured the priests over their position on issues such as the ordination of women, the ban on artificial birth control, and homosexuality.
But he made clear the comments were not intended to weaken the Church's fundamental opposition to artificial birth control.
The intent behind NFP and artificial birth control is the same--to avoid pregnancy--so the method seems beside the point to me.
CHERIE Blair yesterday appeared to challenge Catholic teaching on artificial birth control as she spoke about the impact of contraception on women's lives.
SEXUAL MORALITY -Pope Paul VI's 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae banning artificial birth control opened a wide gulf between the Church and many of its faithful.
Even though the majority of theologians and bishops voted to lift the ban on artificial birth control, the minority opinion prevailed.
The organization argues that since Catholic doctrine holds that use of artificial birth control is a sin, it cannot morally offer contraceptives to its employees.
In a late-night press conference on Monday, Duterte started his attack on the Church by announcing his intention of making available artificial birth control methods to the people.
Under the federal Affordable Care Act, most employers are required to cover employees' artificial birth control, including types that some say are abortifacients, even if employers are morally opposed to such coverage.
Today, with legalized pornography, artificial birth control and abortion, women are treated as objects for sex pleasure.