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According to Tom Prassis, head of distribution for Artificial Eye, a successful title must earn a minimum of $1.
Griffin, a self-employed "ocularist," makes artificial eyes.
He has to have an artificial eye which needs replacing as he grows
He added that Afra's artificial eye has been fitted so that the nerve endings become attached to it.
The city's crown court heard the unprovoked assault, by jobless Gerard Finn, 28, who is originally from West Belfast, caused so much damage to the bones she cannot have an artificial eye fitted.
There is the artificial eye, which consists of a microchip implanted into the retina that receives images captured by a camera housed on the patient's glasses.
Berberian Sound Studio (Cert 15, 88 mins) Artificial Eye, Thriller, DVD PS15.
After explaining the process of installing the artificial eye and assuring that the process is pain-free and does not require surgery or anesthesia, patients realize that installing the artificial eye is the best solution to their problem.
He suggested the best treatment was to remove the right eye completely and replace it with an artificial eye.
I worked for AO for eight years and then left and bought an existing artificial eye business in southern New Hampshire from a woman who was ready to retire.
AN ARTIFICIAL eye which would allow the blind to see again has moved a step closer after scientists stimulated the visual fields of monkeys using tiny electrodes.