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Under the contract, artificial lakes would also be built to harvest fish.
The Lebanese side wishes to benefit from ACSAD's experience in conducting studies and supervising the construction of mountain artificial lakes, as the Center carried out several similar endeavors in a number of Arab countries and worked on two dikes for preventing floods in Lebanon.
Five kilometers of the KKH has also been submerged by the river so far which has now turned into one of the largest artificial lakes of the world; 20 kilometers in length 330 feet depth.
The project, which will be carried out by 25 companies in two stages, includes setting up five-star hotels, artificial lakes entertainment centers as well as bridges and roads to link the resort with Baghdad," he added.
also used in strategic projects, artificial lakes and well injection.
You can spend up to five days discovering the region," says Hani, adding that 12 new artificial lakes had been built "under the care of Progressive Socialist Party leader and Chouf MP Walid Jumblatt.
At least, that's the idea in the West African nation of Ghana, where the government is teaming up with a Canadian timber firm to remove the trees at the bottom of Lake Volta, one of the world's largest artificial lakes.