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Ignorance regarding the building of dams, reservoirs, and artificial lakes is simply the root-cause of our water crisis.
The new lakes will increase the 275,000 cubic metres capacity of the dam by at least 14 per cent, while the artificial lakes will preserve water from the side valleys.
The project includes 2,500 villas of 230 sqm each, including artificial lakes, swimming pools, delivery transport, and an ice rink in the winter.
Landscaping like adding beautiful tree tunnels, artificial lakes, fountains, bridges and plazas are being considered.
Some golf courses are installing liners in their artificial lakes, turning off sprinklers in areas of less foot traffic and considering on-site facilities that treat wastewater from the sewers -- a strategy Australian golf courses used to survive a recent 10-year drought.
Illegally constructed weekend houses, hospitality facilities and other buildings in the protected zones along natural and artificial lakes and rivers can hereafter be legalized without a prior consent from the Ministry of Environment and only based on a notarized statement of the owner that they will not claim damages in case of flooding.
There are many such facilities in the protected zones of almost all natural and artificial lakes.
Contract award: supply and installation of a set of sensors and their supports on a platform of artificial lakes (planaqua) located cereep - ecotron idf ecole normale superieure.
Mosquitoes are present whenever rainfall occurs as well as in artificial lakes, and Dr Jubran said that people mistake biting midges for mosquitoes, which is a different kind of species but are also prominent around the creeks and artificial lakes.