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adjective adulterine, artificiosus, assumed, casuistic, concocted, deceptive, ersatz, faked, false, feigned, fictitious, forged, illusory, imaginary, imagined, imitation, imitative, man-made, not natural, simulated, simulative, spurious, superficial, ungenuine, unnatural, unreal
Associated concepts: artificial boundaries, artificial ingrediints, artificial monuments, artificial person, artificial pond, artificial presumption, artificial watercourse
See also: bogus, deceptive, disingenuous, false, fictitious, histrionic, imitation, inflated, meretricious, orotund, pretentious, specious, spurious, synthetic

ARTIFICIAL. What is the result of, or relates to, the arts; opposed to natural; thus we say a corporation is an artificial person, in opposition to a natural person. Artificial accession is the uniting one property to another by art, opposed to a simple natural union. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 503.

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The center also has a manufacturing unit of artificial limb by its own soldiers.
2 million people have been provided with artificial limbs and calipers by BMVSS, in India and elsewhere.
When contacted by the Daily Post, a spokeswoman at Wrexham Artificial Limb & Appliance Service referred the call to North Wales NHS Trust in the town.
Claudia Mitchell, 26, of Ellicott, Maryland, has become the first woman to be fitted with a bionic arm, an artificial limb that she can control with her brain.
But now amputees are being offered a pain-free alternative which promises patients a unique artificial limb.
I've just had an artificial limb fitted and that takes a lot of getting used to.
The difference between the two, and the key to success or failure after traumatic amputation, was the artificial limb.
For further information on the service contact the Artificial Limb and Appliance Service on 029 2041 5415 or email them at info@alas.
Yem was fitted with an artificial limb at one of the clinics set up by the Cambodia Trust.
Rogers' work centers on using rapid prototyping systems to fabricate artificial limb components from computer tomography scans using laser technology.
During his visit to a hospital in Hyderabad, he found that many children were struggling to walk with an artificial limb weighing over 4 kilograms.

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