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adjective adulterine, artificiosus, assumed, casuistic, concocted, deceptive, ersatz, faked, false, feigned, fictitious, forged, illusory, imaginary, imagined, imitation, imitative, man-made, not natural, simulated, simulative, spurious, superficial, ungenuine, unnatural, unreal
Associated concepts: artificial boundaries, artificial ingrediints, artificial monuments, artificial person, artificial pond, artificial presumption, artificial watercourse
See also: bogus, deceptive, disingenuous, false, fictitious, histrionic, imitation, inflated, meretricious, orotund, pretentious, specious, spurious, synthetic

ARTIFICIAL. What is the result of, or relates to, the arts; opposed to natural; thus we say a corporation is an artificial person, in opposition to a natural person. Artificial accession is the uniting one property to another by art, opposed to a simple natural union. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 503.

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The new Coalition to Run and Walk Again is committed to assuring the availability of appropriate patient care as well as artificial limbs and other mobility devices on a compassionate access basis for those Boston Marathon bombing victims who otherwise may not have access to these devices and patient care.
I took the artificial limb off at home in front of my son and he asked me to put it back on.
The difference between the two, and the key to success or failure after traumatic amputation, was the artificial limb.
Since then the Trust has established three clinics in various parts of the country to fit amputees with free artificial limbs and provide them with physiotherapy.
After several trials, Dr Dave and IIT engineer Dipankar were able to prepare an artificial limb that fitted Dear.
Prosthetists design and fit artificial limbs (prostheses) to replace limbs that have either been lost through amputation or which were missing at birth.
If this is just the thin end of the wedge, that there is no funding available for my artificial limb service.
Summary: Lebanon's amputees will be provided with used but high-quality European prosthetics, allowing the wearer to carry on with day-to-day activities like running, sitting, swimming, and cycling, Bassam Singer, director of the Singer institution for artificial limbs in Sidon, told The Daily Star on Monday.
But now amputees are being offered a pain-free alternative which promises patients a unique artificial limb.
Organised by the Artificial Limb and Appliance Service, it will include talks on the benefits of spinal surgery, focus groups, mobility and special seating, impact on the family, safety in transport and driving and getting involved in sport.
MERIDEN Tory MP Caroline Spelman is calling for an artificial limb centre to be built in Iraq after visiting young war victim Ali Ismaeel Abbas.
and Artificial Limb & Brace, operating a total of nine orthotics and prosthetics centers in Arizona.

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