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adjective adulterine, artificiosus, assumed, casuistic, concocted, deceptive, ersatz, faked, false, feigned, fictitious, forged, illusory, imaginary, imagined, imitation, imitative, man-made, not natural, simulated, simulative, spurious, superficial, ungenuine, unnatural, unreal
Associated concepts: artificial boundaries, artificial ingrediints, artificial monuments, artificial person, artificial pond, artificial presumption, artificial watercourse
See also: bogus, deceptive, disingenuous, false, fictitious, histrionic, imitation, inflated, meretricious, orotund, pretentious, specious, spurious, synthetic

ARTIFICIAL. What is the result of, or relates to, the arts; opposed to natural; thus we say a corporation is an artificial person, in opposition to a natural person. Artificial accession is the uniting one property to another by art, opposed to a simple natural union. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 503.

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His expertise in treating patients with heart, liver and kidney problems with artificial organs, implantable and extracorporeal, is extremely valuable for the development process of our bioartificial liver.
Analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Innovations in Artificial Organs (http://www.
Safely transferring artificial organs into people's bodies might inspire more than just mad scientists to shout, "It's alive
He also meets teams of British scientists who are restoring sight to the blind by implanting microchips in their retinas, and building artificial organs to replace failing lungs, kidneys, pancreases and spleens.
A bionic man, which has artificial organs, synthetic blood and robotic limbs, has gone on display at London's Science Museum.
REPO MEN (18) stars Jude Law and Forest Whitaker as repossession men in a futuristic world where people who need transplants can buy artificial organs.
Remy (Law) and Jake (Whitaker) work for a powerful organisation called The Union, which provides artificial organs for a five-figure sum.
Based on the novel The Repossession Mambo, the film Repo Men depicts a world where humans have extended and improved their lives through the use of sophisticated and expensive artificial organs, known as 'artiforgs'.
These cards will help special persons for getting quota jobs, wheelchairs, white cane, hearing equipment and artificial organs while they would also get special concession in fare from Pakistan Railways and airlines.
After a decade of trying to grow artificial organs, bioengineers are far from creating a whole, implantable organ.
In particular, the report cites three segments that will maintain sound growth: ophthalmic materials, artificial organs and dental materials.

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