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Mild cases of dry eyes can usually be managed with over-the-counter artificial tear solutions.
Artificial tears or eye drops can help relieve the discomfort of dry eyes.
Artificial tears primarily provide symptomatic relief and do not address the underlying causes of dry eye disease; however, they may be adequate for treating mild or episodic dry eye.
Dear Editor,-President Bush 'sets his face to all occasions and wets his cheeks with artificial tears.
Q I have dry eyes and use a lot of artificial tears.
He remembers the many adulterous encounters he had and how Katia, his late wife, would accuse him of having only the artificial tears he would drop on his eyes to refresh them after long hours at his computer.
Remove contact lenses during flight and use artificial tears.
The animal experiments led to the proposed treatment for a disorder that until now has only been temporarily helped with artificial tears, goggles to keep out sun and air, and plugs to prevent tears from draining.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Artificial Tears in US$ Million.
Patients randomized into the study were not allowed to use artificial tears during the study.
A supportive therapy with artificial tears and antibiotics is given.