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ARISTOCRACY. That form of government in which the sovereign power is exercised by a small number of persons to the exclusion of the remainder of the people.

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Their intrusion into and infiltration of French society threatens both male and artistocratic identity, as if physical or social contact with these women were contaminating.
by Mozart elder (this book was in very good condition until one unknown child in the family scribbled on it in red ink); (10) snuff boxes gifts from artistocratic admirers of Mozart during travels.
Both the literary sexual libertinism of the Incogniti and Tarabotti's representation of the suffering caused by forced claustration of un-marriageable women were symptomatic of the "disintegration of the Venetian artistocratic marriage and family life" (107), according to Muir, a collapse evident in the behavior and writing of some Venetian intellects, in libretti as well as philosophy.