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This takes into account Fitch's view that SCB operates in one of SCF's core markets (and Banco Santander publicly defines consumer finance as one of its 10 core markets), is highly integrated into the group, and has received ordinary support in the form of funding and capital from its parent when needed to support its business growth.
Optimality in diverse path in MPLS networks is one of the basic problems faced so far and as one of the core issues it has to be addressed accordingly to meet our requirements.
the analysis and examination of the Internet network of a region or a state, formed of stochastically interconnected sub-networks, as one system.
As one of the multiple narrative voices in the novel reports, in a news radio parody, "Compounding" the "Jes Grew crisis," "Black Yellow and Red Mu'taflkah were looting the museums shipping the plunder back to where it came from" (15).
The IRS contended that, because a joint petition was filed with the Bankruptcy Court and one trustee was appointed to administer the case, the case was in substance handled as one estate (although an order to consolidate the estates was never entered by the court).
The desert seems to stalk one even as one stalks its sights.
As one Carnegie-Mellon researcher, Indira Nair, explains, our conception of what causes cancer is based on our observation of chemical and ionizing radiation, such as that from X-rays or atom bombs, harm inducers.
A one-person library is usually defined as one where all the work is performed by the librarian.
The good news: Finding these bankers and traders wasn't as difficult as one might think.
As one of them puts it, "It is our position that the industrywide ABS resin price increases that were issued after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait had nothing to do with rising crude oil prices and resulting feedstock cost pressure.
The trick gets harder and harder as one tries for shorter and shorter wavelengths.