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Gina Cogan's study of the life and ascetic practice of Bunchi (1619-1697), the eldest daughter of Emperor Go-Mizunoo and founder of Enshoji, a Rinzai Zen convent that she established at Shugakuin in Kyoto in 1642, provides valuable insight into religious reform in early modern Japan.
Evidently, the linking of colonial knowledge and power worked to effectively differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate forms of ascetic practices and to mark out certain ascetic bodies for punishment under colonial law.
The self-inflicted suffering of the dedicated practitioner of the Venusian arts can nevertheless be seen as an ascetic practice because, to him, it is part of a systematic effort to achieve a transformation of the self.
The Besht actively tried to wean his disciples from their ascetic practices. A case in point was Jacob Joseph of Polnoy.
Tateishi is a cosmopolitan sacred specialist whose legitimacy is rooted in his intimate knowledge and protection of the local landscape over many decades of ascetic practices and maintenance of the pilgrimage trails.
Seclusion and isolation are common ascetic practices, and the usually gregarious Cochin Jews become increasingly consumed by Pesah work and isolated from their non-Jewish friends during the month or two prior to Pesah, culminating in an almost total isolation during the eight days of the festival itself.
(20) Ascetic practices and doctrines have always existed within Judaism, though usually within stricter limits than in the Christian tradition.
Jasper marshals a variety of witnesses to show how ascetic practices can transfigure the human form so that it radiates the very light of the invisible God, but in seeking to subjugate the flesh, one can easily come to view the physical body with contempt.
Evagrius's writings on ascetic practices are directives in how to understand the use of the cell.
Furthermore, even ascetic practices that are accounted for are not specifically--or not at all--Buddhist.
There is much evidence, therefore, that manual labor was a part of the ascetic practices undertaken by Basil and other members of his family.
Therefore, in Thailand it is difficult for women practitioners to find sufficient social support for their doctrinal studies and ascetic practices, whereas male monks and novices take such support for granted.