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Talbot AM (1991) Ascetism. The Oxford dictionary of Byzantium 1: 203-204.
Here, we get a roll call of teasing, testing and questioning subjects: from un-sanctioned ascetism in the Egyptian desert (GoL, 262); to subjects who would rather enjoy a life of sin and push back baptism until as late a date as possible (GoL, 120); to the lapsed Christian forcing either ejection from the faith or a revision of its terms to allow ongoing penance (GoL, 176).
(19) Benedict Anderson, The fate of rural hell: Ascetism and desire in Buddhist Thailand (Calcutta, New York, and London: Seagull Books, 2012).
In one crucial aspect, we are now witnessing an exposure of a gap -- a morality gap, arguably -- between the Anatolian Sufi tradition with strong values based on tolerance, ascetism, correct behavior and a political Islam, copy-pasted from abroad, which stands close to being seen as a vehicle to autocratic formats of ruling.
Evidently, his religious orthodoxy and ascetism was just a veneer that cracked easily with the touch of Chandri's breast in a safe and lonely environment in the forest.
As we begin to move out of the depths of winter, it is perhaps appropriate that this Spring issue of Art & Christianity carries shades of darkness and light, death and renewal, opulence and ascetism. Such polarities are, of course, written in and through the Christian narrative, and never more starkly than in the Lent and Easter season.
CD women showed higher scores than HC women for pulse thinness, ascetism, perfectionism, and inadequacy.
Marked by ascetism and conformity, the Puritan ethos presents a closed social system in which "[f]amily and tribe, piety and politics, worldly hierarchy and spiritual democracy, all the cultural norms of the community were fused, for over half a century, with extraordinary success." (9) For the Puritans, there existed nothing--no valid mode of being--outside the parameters of the(ir) faith.
Thereafter, it became an advertisement for British ingenuity, ascetism and engineering.
Judaism, in not preaching ascetism or social isolation, encourages social participation and, therefore, communication between people.
Civic virtues have their origins in the religious worldviews of the German protestant ascetism. Weber assumed that different religions produce different interpretations of the world and generate therefore also different attitudes and motivations.