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Culture-negative neutrocytic ascites (CNNA) is diagnosed when the ascitic fluid culture grows no bacteria, the ascitic fluid polymorphonuclear neutrophil (PMN) count is [greater than or equal to]250 cells/[mm.
For method comparison, leftover samples from 49 pleural and 11 ascitic fluids from 47 inpatients were used.
The highest serum and ascitic fluid C3 and C4 levels and ascitic fluid IgM, IgA, and IgG levels were found in patients with tuberculosis.
The aim of this study was to evaluate (a) IL-8 production in both plasma and ascitic fluid in cirrhotic patients with SBP and sterile ascites (SA); (b) the correlation of these values with neutrophil count in ascitic fluid; (c) the effect of therapy on IL-8; and (d) the sensitivity and specificity of ascitic fluid IL-8 in cirrhotic patients with ascites for detecting SBP patients.
The infection was considered resolved when all signs and symptoms of infection disappeared, a polymorphonuclear cell count in ascitic fluid decreased to <250 cells/mL, and ascitic fluid cultures were negative for bacteria.
Moreover, ascitic fluid obtained at the second laparotomy showed atypical cells having a paving stone--like cellular arrangement, different from mesothelial cells, that originated from larger atypical cells and were the same as those in the peripheral layer.
Ascitic fluid adenosine deaminase insensitivity in detecting tuberculous peritonitis in the United States.
5) In that series, 43% of the cases of SBE occurred without concomitant infection of the ascitic fluid, and none of the cases of SBE necessitated chest tube drainage.
Previous data have shown the liberation, accumulation, and activation of the kallikrein-kininogens-kinin system [6, 7] and the role of a vascular permeability factor in the pathogenesis of ascitic fluid accumulation [14].
Warthin-Starry staining showed that all organisms in the skin and ascitic fluid were consistent with microsporidia (Figure 1, panel C; online Appendix Figure, panel C).
Monobacterial non-neutrocytic bacterascites (MNB) is a variant of SBP, where the ascitic fluid culture is positive but the ascitic neutrophil count is less than 250/[mm.
Some patients with primary nonfunction may have massive ascitic fluid loss, which can confound the diagnosis.