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Ascitic fluid infection in patients with hepatitis B virus-related liver cirrhosis: culture-negative neutrocytic ascites versus spontaneous bacterial peritonitis.
Nocardia veterana isolated from ascitic fluid of a patient with human immunodeficiency virus infection.
13) The resultant profound decrease in SVR, drainage of ascitic fluid and bleeding during hepatectomy will lead to significant hypotension that requires substantial volumes of fluid administration and vasoconstrictor drugs.
The ascitic fluid had a clear straw color and did not contain cells.
Microfilaria have been detected in cervicovaginal smears [6], endometrial smears [7], nipple secretions [8], ovarian cyst fluid [6], breast aspirates [9], hydrocele fluid [10], epididymal aspirates [11], urine samples [12], lung aspirates [13], pleural fluid [14], bronchial washings [6], ascitic fluid [15], intra-operative peritoneal fluid [16], lymph node aspirates [17,18], thyroid aspirates [19], salivary gland aspirates [20], bronchial brushings [21], laryngeal and pharyngeal brushings [22], gastric brushings [23], pericardial fluid [24], cutaneous nodule [25], soft tissue nodule [26], oral and skin ulcers [27], bone marrow aspirates [28], brain aspirates [29], joint aspirates [30], fine needle aspirates [31], esophageal stricture [32] and breast aspirates [33,34].
The ascitic fluid showed no bacterial or tuberculosis infection and the cytological examination was negative for malignancy.
Approximately 4 ml of ascitic fluid samples were taken under aseptic condition and collected in sterile vials from patients admitted in medicine wards of SSK Hospital after informed written consent.
Landon, Production of polyclonal antibodies in ascitic fluid of mice: Time and dose relationships.
Adenosine deaminase (ADA) testing on ascitic fluid is also helpful.
Ascitic fluid cytology and USG guided fine needle aspiration of the lymph nodes were performed, where possible.
The ascitic fluid is drawn using a 22 gauge needle into sterile syringe.
Nature of urine, presence of ascitic fluid and the tension of muscles of the abdominal wall were examined.