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It had taken George Tate about five years to build Ashton-Tate to software giant status; it would take Ed Esber only two and a half years to put the company on the road to ruin," concludes Chapman.
Ashton-Tate plans to correct this in a future version.
He then led consolidations and turnarounds in the PC software industry from the early 80s to the mid-90s as CEO of Peter Norton Computing, which he merged with Symantec (SYMC); as CEO of WordStar, which he merged with The Learning Company to create over $3B in market value after 20 consumer software acquisitions; and at Ansa Software (CEO role) and Ashton-Tate (Exec VP role), both of which were merged into Borland (BORL).
Borland, selling spreadsheets and databases, became a star; Lotus, Ashton-Tate, and even Microsoft lost value substantially as players in the same markets.
the proprietor of the original database management system (DMBS) published by Ashton-Tate Corporation and later purchased from Borland Software (NASDAQ:BORL).
Prior to her tenure at Interplay, Motika held executive positions at Ashton-Tate, SoftMart, and Ingram Micro, representing more than $150 million in sales.
That action would have given Ashton-Tate a graceful and generous exit from a scene that even company insiders thought was an embarrassment.
He also worked for Ashton-Tate, the successful developer of dBASE, the popular database product.
Thornhill has also led software teams at Ashton-Tate as International R&D Manager in England and at Lotus Development Corporation, Cambridge, Mass.
Fitzpatrick, 52, also served as corporate controller for Ashton-Tate, a publicly-listed computer software company.
Lyons joined AXS-One in April after serving as chief executive in high growth software companies for large enterprise markets, including leadership positions with Caminus Corporation, Ashton-Tate, ParcPlace Systems, Finjan Software, NeuVis and IBM Company.
The fact is, most of the best-selling Mac titles now come from software companies that are primarily DOS-oriented (like Microsoft, Ashton-Tate, and WordPerfect) or that have crash programs under way to port their lead products to Windows.