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Microsoft's path to supremacy would not have been eased quite so completely were Esber's leadership of Ashton-Tate the only example of gross stupidity.
PC software companies Autodesk and Ashton-Tate have also been active in Eastern Europe.
Ashton-Tate plans to correct this in a future version.
In a reversal of previous practice, Ashton-Tate designers looked at the attractive features its competitors had added to their dBASE-inspired products and cloned them back into dBASE IV.
This year alone, Ashton-Tate and Digital Research lost their independence, Mediagenic plunged into bankruptcy, and Autodesk's founding CEO emerged from semiretirement to warn that the company could be facing its "last days" (Soft*letter, 8/25/91).
Be mindful that Genifer (like many other third-party programs) is not sanctioned by Ashton-Tate, and, as such, is not supported by that vendor of dBASE.
The compilers arose largely out of the stupidity of the Ashton-Tate Corporation and its inability to serve its user population, composed largely of programmers rather than "end-users," a term we detest.
The fact is, Ashton-Tate has never shown much interest in being a technology leader.
Wordperfect, Lotus, Ashton-tate, Borland, and other DOS companies all discovered the hard way that graphical products are tough to get right the first time.
Difficult to use but highly versatile, may be programmed to do almost any task; $695; Ashton-Tate, 20101 Hamilton Ave.