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Direct address drives the action of a play and includes soliloquies, asides, and non-monologue text, lines that involve characters' acknowledgement of and utterance to an audience, and lines that require participation--laughter, shouting, booing, answering--from audience members (Kincaid, Pignataro, and Johnson, 2005, p.
The grey partridge has thrived on set asides and it would be terrible for their numbers if they lose those areas.
Yet even at the very peak of French neoclassicism, in the relatively short period between Corneille and Racine, there exists a substantial difference in the way asides can affect our reading of a performance.
discusses Ben Jonson's use of brackets to indicate asides.
That, in turn, lowers prices further, necessitating more government spending and more set asides.
In sum, according to statute and regulations, small business set asides are mandatory for acquisitions valued between $3,000 and $100,000 and take priority over GSA Schedule contracts.
If a job is set aside for guys named Jimmy, my name is Jimmy, I'll take it
The small Business Administration's (SBA) Procurement Center Representatives (PCRs) work with federal agencies and procuring activities by reviewing proposed acquisitions to determine whether they can be set aside for small businesses.
BURBANK - Responding to a study that shows many poor and large families are unable to afford housing in Burbank, city staffers have proposed new incentive programs for landlords to keep rents affordable and an ordinance that would require developers to set aside affordable units.