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Recent notable works on late antique gender and sexuality with an emphasis on askesis include Judith Perkins' The Suffering Self: Pain and Narrative Representation in Early Christianity (New York: Routledge, 1995) and Elizabeth A.
The data is pretty dreadful on clinician buy-in in this market, and it is up to us to make the software as useful, helpful, and intuitive as purchasing an airline ticket," says Sharon Hicks, president and CEO of Askesis Development Group, developers of the PsychConsult suite of products.
Etimologicamente, el griego askesis refiere a entrenamiento, ejercicio o practica.
Guardar estos registros del yo en una suerte de askesis (consideracion progresiva del yo), en una oralidad secundaria, parece retomar esa etica del yo de la que hablaba Foucault (1990) a proposito de la escritura de los diarios intimos.
6) Philosophy on Hadot's account is thus a kind of askesis, a discipline of self-transformation, oriented around a set of practices unique to each school of philosophy.
Pythagorean Knowledge From the Ancient to the Modern World: Askesis, Religion, Science
Es preciso restituirle a la reflexividad una especificidad estetico-critica poniendo en relieve la idea de askesis de Baumgarten.
30) Peterson says that a transformative spirituality requires us to regularly enter into a place of askesis.
Poetry as a Way of Life: Aesthetics and Askesis in the German Eighteenth Century.
JAMES TAYLOR, "The Ethics of Subjectivity: Activity and Passivity through Phenomenology, Hermeneutics and Askesis.
Dickinson's poetic writing is virtually an askesis made in solitude and obscurity, but the poet benefits from this purgatory solitude in that it helps to preserve her individuality and originality, and, most importantly, she holds it enjoyable and satisfactory.
The ancients called this askesis and its goal was to become sofronas or wise and temperate.