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Askesis periodically conducts customer conferences in Pittsburgh and invites them to "play with the prototypes.
Our partnership with Askesis is an excellent example of how UPMC Health System, with its strong academic medical center, is a catalyst for job growth in the Pittsburgh region," said Loren Roth, M.
68) Although these techniques have been analyzed by Hijmans in his reconstruction of Epictetus' moral therapy, I believe that there are two shortcomings in his approach: first, he fails to acknowledge the general conflict between Epictetus' askesis and his intellectualist conception of human agency, which is precisely the merit of Brennan's reading (whether this conflict is illusory or not is something that has to be decided case by case).
resurrection, eating his body), and if askesis means discipline (in the
On Victorian male askesis, see Adams (especially pp.
16] In the books, articles, interviews, and lectures of his later years, Foucault focuses more and more on a re-envisioned, non-aristocratic, and positive askesis that defies the forms of asceticism emerging near the end of classical Greece and Rome and throughout Christian history.
One possible explanation for this phenomenon may have to do with what is known in the church as askesis.
The ostensibly declarative opening of Invisible Man--"I am an Invisible Man:--reveals, in a grammatical askesis of declaration, an in-completion of the subject.
Transformed in part so that it is the beauty of place not a woman that elevates the mind, askesis also produces its opposite, a figure of descent in which the Canon's moral probity brings heaven's gifts to his estate.
Harpham, similarly, attempts to reconstruct a dynamic theory of narrative as resistance from traditional Christian askesis.
The two principal Bloomian models are the clinamen and askesis.