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We again insist that no past inquiry had implicated Pakistan as a company and any aspersion to that effect is malicious.
To cover up their failure on New Year's eve, the report highlights that the police is also trying to cast aspersion on the character of the woman by hinting that the victim was alone and the person with her was just incidental.
Now, by casting undue aspersions on the integrity of ECP, those responsible are forgetful of the fact that they are blotting the image of not only the Commission but also its highly respected former Chairman, Justice (R) Fakhruddin G.
By casting aspersions on the legitimate claims, this group is adding to the heartbreak of victims.
Gadon was threatened with contempt and asked to explain in writing within five days why he made statements 'casting aspersions' on the integrity of members of the Senate, who would act as judges in an impeachment court, without presenting any proof.
According to the Globe and Mail, Canada's Immigration Minister Jason Kenney issued an apology on Friday, saying Canadian immigration officials should never have cast aspersions on India's institutions.
NOT wishing to cast aspersions on the wonderful army of volunteers who help run charity shops, however, I support the concerns of your columnist Richard Vaughan Davies (June 23)in reference to charity shops, ``I'm deeply suspicious as to how much of the profit goes to the needy and how much to the fat cats who run these charities''.
A statement on behalf of Dalmiya said that in a story in The Sunday Telegraph on April 30 "the writer Scyld Berry had cast aspersions on Mr Dalmiya that he was a corrupt person and was in the grip of mafias and sharks."
'There are many statements and assertions coming from you, which really affect the integrity of this proceeding and casting aspersions on the would-be judges in the impeachment,' Garbin said.
He said in a talk-show of the news channel on June 22, aspersions were cast on the judiciary.
AS a reader with not one drop of Irish blood in my veins, I find your anti-Irish sentiments, where you cast aspersions on the human intelligence of each individual Irish person, deeply offensive.
WHILE not wishing to cast aspersions on the character of James Shackleton, the man arrested and released over Jill Dando's murder, I am curious about his claim that he was in the area collecting wood to make coffins.