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Seventeen were executed at Rome alone, following the assassination of the Italian King.
Perhaps the most world-amazing achievement of his was the assassination of the King and Queen of Portugal.
Fouquet to be put an end to with the same readiness, indeed, as his predecessor had caused the assassination of le Marechal d'Ancre; and so he disguised the terrible resolution he had formed beneath one of those royal smiles which, like lightning-flashes, indicated
Do you consider that assassination shows greatness of soul?
Assassination runs riot in the great Barsoomian cities; yet to murder a woman is a crime so unthinkable that even the most hardened of the paid assassins would shrink from you in horror should you suggest such a thing to him.
The first theory, of assassination, was quickly abandoned when it was subjected to the light of reason, for it was evident that an assassin could have dispatched the little Prince at the same time that he killed the Lady Maud and her lover, had such been his desire.
It was really a deliberate attempt at assassination, wasn't it?
The active policy remains-- say, assassination by the knife of a hired bravo?
com/new-book-reveals-israels-covert-operations-nearly-2700-assassinations/) New Book Reveals Israel's Covert Operations, Nearly 2,700 Assassinations appeared first on (http://www.
Morley said Harvey led the agencyEs assassinations operations and feuded constantly with KennedyEs brother, Robert F.
But the sources affiliated to the terrorists in Idlib said that Jeish al-Izza has accused the Syrian army because it is afraid of al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at or the Levant Liberation Board) - which is the main culprit behind such assassinations - and its annihilation by al-Nusra.
The former Labour MP writes: "We were clear that the assassination had been ordered from the top and what was clear was that further assassinations on British soil were possible.