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ASSASSIN, crim, law. An assassin is one who attacks another either traitorously, or with the advantage of arms or place) or of a number of persons who support him, and kills his victim. This being done with malice, aforethought, is murder. The term assassin is but little used in the common law, it is borrowed from the civil law.

References in classic literature ?
The Assassins tried to climb also, but they slipped and fell.
Not wishing to end his days as a roasted Marionette, he jumped quickly to the ground and off he went, the Assassins close to him, as before.
The sword of the Guardsman slipped along the barrel of the now-useless weapon, and passed through the thigh of the assassin, who fell.
D'Artagnan preferred the second means, and lifted the assassin onto his shoulders at the moment the enemy fired.
Come, come," continued the count, "I see you are still the same, -- an assassin.
The assassin, finding that he no longer cried out, lifted his head up by the hair; his eyes were closed, and the mouth was distorted.
In his passionate raptures, he at first forgot the fact that he had lately seen the assassin in London.
The assassin, therefore, could not have passed either in or out that way; but neither could I get in.
We then ascertained, by counting the cartridges, that the assassin had fired two shots.
The old man sat awhile plunged in thought; then he looked up with a satisfied light in his eye, and said: "That this assassin should have put the affront upon me of letting me meet him on the field of honor as if he were a gentleman is a matter which I will presently settle--but not now.
d'Herblay," continued Fouquet, "had been an assassin, he had no occasion to inform me of his plan in order to succeed.
Any delay in arresting the assassin," I observed, "might give him time to perpetrate some fresh atrocity.