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The fair and reasonable estimation of the value of an item. The increase in the financial worth of an asset as compared to its value at a particular earlier date as a result of inflation or greater market demand.

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n. the increase in value through the natural course of events as distinguished from improvements or additions. (See: appreciate)

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Successful energy management uses data, financial analysis, and independent energy engineering to develop an effective program that contributes to ROI, net present value, asset appreciation, and financial health.
Malay Shroff, Chief operating Officer, H&G, said: "The promotion scheme has been launched to bring value innovation to the FM industry as such and promote the sector at a time when the worth of FM services in contributing asset appreciation is being firmly recognised across the UAE."
According to Vince Gennaro, a consultant to a number of Major League Baseball (MLB) franchises and author of an excellent analysis of the game's economics entitled Diamonds and Dollars, Rodriguez will generate considerably more money than outsiders might believe Gennaro suggests that A-Rod could produce EUR48 million a year for the Yankees, split between merchandising revenue and gate receipts and what he refers to as "asset appreciation".
5th DCA 2000), which holds that asset appreciation is subject to equitable distribution where marital labor contributes to its value, even where the increased value is primarily created by passive inflation.
However, the target's ability to appropriate the gain is reduced by the fact that its bargaining position is weaker when the potential for asset appreciation of the bidder is higher.
"We remain confident our strategy will go on delivering strong growth, further asset appreciation and value creation for the benefit of our shareholders," he said.
Investors are very optimistic and counting on high returns based on both increasing cash flows and asset appreciation.
The most straightforward approach is an exit tax on all untaxed asset appreciation on departure.
Higher real interest rates will not only curtail the pace of asset appreciation but will also raise the cost of debt service--thereby exerting twin pressures on the asset-driven portion of domestic demand.
If the plan's smoothed assets exceed the present value of liabilities and the assumed long-run asset appreciation rate is much greater than the settlement rate, it is a favorable double whammy.
Consider the merits of establishing a Grantor Retained Annuity Trust ("GRAT"), a gifting technique that could transfer future asset appreciation to family members at a reduced federal gift tax cost.
The purchase option also reserves substantially all of the economic value of any asset appreciation for the tenant.