assets and liabilities

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According to an ECP official, the parliamentarians, who were suspended over non-submission of their assets details, had now filed their statements of assets and liabilities, and fulfilled the legal
The IIP is the difference between external assets and liabilities. External assets refer to investments made by Filipinos overseas.
Procurement Draft Independent Assessment of the Quality of the Assets and Liabilities of Insurance Companies~ Balance Sheets and Achieve A Stress Test and Evaluation Requirements Prudence Romanian Insurance Sector Imply the Assignment of 15 Service Contracts Related to the 15 Lots Mentioned in Annex B.
Among the myriad of expected proposed major changes: contingent assets and liabilities associated with an acquisition will be recognized at the date of the acquisition at fair value, with any subsequent changes reflected in earnings (not as an adjustment to goodwill); intellectual property R & D would be capitalized at the date of acquisition; acquired accounts receivable would be recognized at fair value (that is, no separate allowance for doubtful accounts); and all acquisition-related costs paid to third parties would be expensed as incurred.
Instead, foreign currency gain or loss is determined only with respect to financial assets and liabilities (e.g., local currency, a receivable, or a bond), and exchange rate movements with respect to nonfinancial assets and liabilities generally are disregarded.
368(a)(1)(A) purposes, a statutory merger or consolidation is a transaction effected pursuant to the statute, and all of the assets (other than those distributed in the transaction) and liabilities of each member of one or more combining units (each a transferor unit) become the assets and liabilities of one or more members of one other combining unit (the transferee unit), and the combining entity of each transferor unit ceases its separate legal existence for all purposes.
The FASB recently issued a proposed standard on fair value measurements that provides a general framework for valuing assets and liabilities that are currently measured or disclosed at fair value.
October 15 each year, notify the names of members who fail to file statements of assets and liabilities within the period specified in sub-section (1) and by an order, direct that such member shall cease to function till such statement is submitted.
"Statement 157 makes good sense for valuing financial instruments, but it is bad for the valuation of non-financial assets and liabilities, such as intangibles and hard assets." says Alfred King, vice chairman of Marshall & Stevens, a national valuation firm.
For example, they often jump to the erroneous conclusion that interest rate risk is minimized when asset and liability durations are equal.To assist them we proposed the analogy of a teeter-totter with weights on each side that are proportional to the economic value of the firm's assets (on the left) and liabilities (on the right).The distances of these weights from the fulcrum are proportional to the durations of those assets and liabilities. Minimizing interest rate risk requires positioning the weights so that the teeter-totter is level and balanced.
The proposed Interpretation would apply broadly to all positions accounted for in accordance with FAS 109, (27) including assets and liabilities acquired in a business combination and tax positions taken in returns or positions to be taken in future returns.
The Service determined the partnership (1) was deemed to have contributed all of its assets and liabilities to the corporation for its stock and (2) then terminated under Sec.