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ASSIGNOR. One who makes an assignment; one who transfers property to another.
     2. In general the assignor can limit the operation of his assignment, and impose whatever condition he may think proper, but when he makes a general assignment in trust for the use of his creditors, he can impose no condition whatever which will deprive them of any right; 14 Pick. 123; 15 John. 151; 7 Cowen, 735; 5 Cowen, 547 20 John. 442; 2 Pick. 129; nor any condition forbidden by law; as giving preference when the law forbids it.
     3. Ad assignor may legally choose his own trustees. 1 Binn. 514.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This article addresses the extent to which party autonomy does or should play a role in determining the law applicable to the assignment of claims to the payment of money arising under a contract between the assignor and the debtor on the claim.
All the letters ended by stating that "this request for information is necessary to qualify for MVAIC coverage." While the assignor's attorney never responded, NMMI wrote MVAIC that it was not in possession of the information requested and that MVAIC should contact the patient directly or through his attorney.
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The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals used the same logic as Eubank when it ruled that future insurance renewal commissions were taxable to the sales-person-assignor even though the assignor (Hall) transferred the agency contracts (which contained the right to receive the renewal commissions) to his spouse.
7,918,838 B2; Hi-ronao Minato, Kaiyo Nakajima and Naoko Takada, assignors to Uni-Charm Corporation, Ehime, Japan
Plaintiff opposed the motion on the grounds that the declaratory judgment action was brought against plaintiff's assignor to have the alleged accident deemed a staged event.
The second section reviews the advantages and disadvantages of the solution retained by the Convention, namely, that the law applicable to priorities shall be that of the location of the assignor. (4) Finally, the third section examines how the conflict rule of the Convention would operate under certain scenarios likely to occur in commercial transactions.
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