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I think she judged my dog, as she thought a bull mastiff terrier couldn't be an assistance dog.
Khalik, who defended himself through an interpreter, claimed he was scared and allergic to dogs, but he did not have an exemption certificate which would allow him to legally decline to carry an assistance dog.
Ms Akhtar said Waqas was interviewed by Birmingham City Council officials in July and said he had received training by Uber in relation to carrying assistance dogs.
You don't need to let people know you are going to bring an assistance dog.
Connie was training as an assistance dog when she was found to have hip dysplasia - an improperly formed joint.
We will also continue to pursue legal action against drivers who refuse to take fares from passengers with an assistance dog where they have no valid reason to do so.
The 2014 Act makes it an offence to own or be in charge of a dog that attacks an assistance dog.
Mum Joanne said: "He was going to be an assistance dog, so he would've stopped Bobby from crossing the road and things like that.
I always feel that I don't want to go out after" Guide Dogs has launched an 'Access all areas' campaign so that assistance dog owners can access taxis, shops and restaurants without being refused entry, in line with their legal rights.
will be representing the canine Therapy Animal Program at the upcoming Service & Assistance Dog Appreciation Day event on August 1st at the Kellogg Environmental Center.
The Record met one woman whose life has been transformed by her assistance dog, Remus.
A NEADS client since 2011, Janet will share her personal experiences with this spring's graduating class of 10 men, women and children who each recently trained with a highly skilled NEADS assistance dog.

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