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Table 1: 3 Week Orientation--Educational sessions * Mental health * Professional * MHPOD topics: nursing boundaries * Documentation * Therapeutic * Infection * Therapeutic communication prevention Relationships and relationships and control * Legislation * Recovery * Documentation * Confidentiality orientated care and online files * Risks * Mental state * Aggression * Mental health examinations management history and MSE * Role of the workshop * Biopsychosocial associate nurse * Risk assessment factors * Medication and management administration * Security issues and competencies for mental health * Role of the nurses surgery and * Escorting leave surgery assist competency and nurse responsibilities
We have had wonderful leadership here in Christchurch from our manager Chris Webster and our associate nurse manager Trish Williams.
Julie Jones, an Associate Nurse Unit Manager at Ballarat Base Hospital, is a veteran of the Victorian nurses' campaign for nurse-to-patient ratios.
Nicola Williams, the health board's associate nurse director, who nominated Mrs Davies for the award, added: "She always gives 120% to infection prevention and control and she believes passionately in what she does and has engendered tremendous respect from board level to ward level.

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