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Professor Alan Lesser has been appointed the new Editor-in-Chief of both journals and Professors Donald Baird and Scott Case have been appointed Executive Editor and Associate Editor of Polymer Composites Journal.
A more exciting aspect during my time as Associate Editor was the contact with scholars, as I read articles in J.
The authors will be chosen by the associate editors and division editor.
Special Supplement--Bronze medal for The Guide to Understanding Financial Protection Products by Senior Associate Editor Ron Panko (May '06)
The Theory and Practice sections of the journal have historically been reviewed by different associate editors, and I will be the first associate editor to serve as the editor for both sections.
Associate Editor for Teaching Techniques--Denise Seabert, PhD, CHES.
University of Chicago physicist Robert Geroch comments on the modern understanding of the theory, and David Cassidy, an associate editor of Einstein's collected papers, offers an essay on the theory's place in the world outside of physics.
He then joined Hoard's Dairyman as associate editor.
Leah Genuario, who has served as associate editor for Label & Narrow Web magazine since July 2002, has been promoted to managing editor of Cosmetic Packaging & Design (CP & D), also published by Rodman Publications, L & NW's parent company.
Associate Editor JO3 Brandy Lewis said, "JO1 is my mentor and friend.
With much regret, I announce Professor Jenny Gilsdorf's departure as JBC associate editor.
McSorley, who is the executive director and director of programming at the Canadian Film Institute and Take One's associate editor, recounts in vivid detail the harrowing tale of the making of the film in 1931, its tragic conclusion, and the efforts by the National Archives to restore this unique and outstanding Canadian historical document.

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