assumed position

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It showed that our course was north by west--that is, one point west of north, which was, for our assumed position, about right.
The simulation will be performed on a map image: with the recorded survey data, ESS calculates signal strength, signal quality and data rate of any assumed position of access points and displays the result on a graphic image.
The unit uses its almanac information to determine which satellites are visible from its assumed position at the current time.
Over the course of the debate, government and opposition MPs stood by their earlier assumed position in favor and against changing Macedonia's Constitution under the Prespa Agreement.
The Armed Forces of the Philippines chief, who assumed position last Oct.
Goshrain said that the current elections are coinciding with release of Farouq Abu Issa who assumed position of Secretary General of the Arab Lawyers Union for 25 years.
For lots two positions (unit price excluding VAT * 1 Position Assumed Position 1) + (unit price excl item 2 * presumed quantity of item 2).
Talking to reporters after having his first meeting with the President of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, Branko Azeski, Mickoski said that VMRO-DPMNE stood by its earlier assumed position that the language bill had to be withdrawn and that a working group had to be formed of experts, who would devise a constitutional and applicable solution.
He said SDSM stood by its earlier assumed position that if a solution to the name issue was found, the people would have to approve of it in a referendum.
After the informal start of the dialogue for resolving the grave political crisis at the conference on political culture in Brussels earlier this week, the two parties confirmed their willingness to sit at the same table with Members of the European Parliament, although neither of them has in the meantime made even the slightest change to its initially assumed position, Utrinski vesnik reports.
The main reason for this is the poor performance of those who claimed to be religious, assumed positions, and failed to perform their duties, and even corrupted a great deal of corruption.
"Being a Christian to many on the right seems to mean you vote 'yes' on being pro-life, you vote against anything that has to do with gay people, and many other" assumed positions that seem to be "more allegiance to a side that seems to represent something more than the actual belief in the theology and thinking and Gospels behind them."