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au/news/2015-01-18/asylum-seekers-offer-organs-to-australians-manus-island-letter/6023954) ABC , asylum seekers in Manus Island currently on hunger strike have requested the Australian government to turn over their medical records to organ donation centres "in case of fatalities inside the cage.
Norway police usually search for asylum seekers over the weekends.
Therefore, these asylum seekers are being encouraged to return, in the vital security interests of Sri Lanka and the region.
Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from Africa protested in Tel Aviv in January, calling for changes to Israel's policies on asylum seekers (Photo: Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)
Today, asylum seekers can only apply for jobs on a list of shortage occupations after 12 months.
Meanwhile, in France, most asylum seekers sleep in the street, railway stations and parks.
The tanker sailing from Australia to Singapore picked up the asylum seekers, all men and mostly Afghans and some Iranians, in Indonesian waters on Sunday.
Announcements of high public expenditure in allowances to asylum seekers tend to enhance this stereotype.
Phil Woolas said not removing failed asylum seekers had led to "untold misery and division".
But I could imagine it for all asylum seekers as well.
The report contains the results of a national public consultation exercise, which reveals that most people do not understand where asylum seekers come from.
I READ the Record story about the knife attack on two asylum seekers at Drumchapel High School in Glasgow.