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The asylum seekers were detained for a few days on Christmas Island before being flown to Colombo on a Government charter jet on Wednesday after their asylum claims were rejected.
The asylum seekers held up signs calling for an end to racism and sexual harassment in the workplace, while in view of encouraging the government to increase employment opportunities other signs read "Idleness is killing us" and "We want to contribute to the economy."
I have always felt proud our city has opened its door to more asylum seekers than any other UK local authority area.
Section 95 support provides money used to give accommodation and basics, like food, to asylum seekers.
Data from Europe's statistics body, EuroStat, show the UK accepted 13,645 asylum seekers in 2017.
nee wor ena i se th " A spokesperson for Migrant Help UK said: "Working in the immigration sector, we know that there is a common misconception that the UK faces an influx of asylum seekers, when in fact its share of Europe's asylum claims is around three per cent.
The Teesside-based property developer is behind a number of big schemes on Teesside, and also is contracted by security firm G4S to provide accommodation for asylum seekers in the region.
An example of joint activities is the series of workshops planned by BPBiH, the BiH Foreign Service and UNHCR with the aim to build the capacity of social welfare centers to improve conditions for vulnerable asylum seekers, especially children without attendant or those separated from primary guardians.
Volunteer civilians who are willing "to temporarily serve as inspectors in the expulsion of asylum seekers" will be given a bonus payment of up to 30,000 shekels ($8,705), Haaretz reported.
He said that now Latvia was behind the schedule because it was expected to receive about 50 asylum seekers under the EU relocation scheme already in September last year.