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She said asylum-seekers were being moved from parts of London overflowing with people seeking help.
While there were 1,923 asylum-seekers being housed in Wales last year, this figure has risen to 2,308 at the last quarterly review.
This has become obvious in the number of evictions of asylum-seekers from communities where they used to be tolerated by the local population.
This is an increase from an annual average of 1,000 asylum-seekers over the past decade.
Asylum-seekers, a much smaller number, seek protection from torture, imprisonment, abuse and death, often from countries like Afghanistan and the Congo.
Secondly, I think that you have assumed all asylum-seekers have left their countries with only Great Britain in mind.
ALMOST half of those quizzed are in favour of "forcibly deporting" failed asylum-seekers, and
The Home Secretary spoke of asylum-seekers swamping doctor surgeries and schools--this terminology only helps legitimize the far right, the neo-Nazis.
The project has extensive asylum-seeker housing experience, currently accommodating over 100 asylum seekers with no income, in thirty-eight properties throughout Melbourne.
The former Birmingham union boss highlighted the electronic tagging of asylum-seekers and the taking of their children into care as measures which he found unacceptable.
The book on the dispersal of asylum-seekers in the UK said the Government's approach was costly and inefficient and stemmed from a growing moral panic among white Britons over the 'threat' posed by refugees.
The figures were revealed as more than 60 failed asylum-seekers were deported to Kosovo yesterday.