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Two letters had been sent to GPs, urging them to take on asylum-seekers.
The dispersal was agreed following a meeting on Thursday where it was announced Kent Social Services would offer asylum-seekers in the county an opportunity to move elsewhere in the country.
"We need to find pragmatic solutions to the integration of asylum-seekers," he said.
In a letter to member of Knesset (parliament) Mossi Raz, Interior Minister Arye Dery said his ministry has held talks regarding the available options to deport African asylum-seekers.
Lambert, a young refugee from Cameroon called on the government of Cyprus to support change the aspect of the living standard of refugees and asylum-seekers in Cyprus.
Figures relate to the number of asylum-seekers living in dispersed accommodation between June 2014 and June 2015.
Although Indonesia has tried to enforce more border protection measures over the last years, there are still many loopholes that allow asylum-seekers to come in undetected.
UNHCR has urged states participating in the Dublin Regulation to temporarily suspend transfers of asylum-seekers back to Bulgaria, saying they risk inhuman or degrading treatment.
The asylum-seekers charity Assure (Asylum Seekers Support and Response) and Kirkheaton Parish Church are wanting to help those deemed to be destitute by providing them with somewhere to stay at night.
First, asylum-seekers are found in Cardiff having been moved there by the National Asylum Seekers Support (NASS).
Some asylum-seekers transferred under the Dublin rules are being denied access to asylum in the state to which they are sent, it claims.
However, almost half of those asked believe asylum-seekers, over 63,000 of whom have arrived since 1997, have a positive effect on society.