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The company will be pushing out a new Atom chip code-named Saltwell in the 2011 and 2012 timeframe, and follow up with new chips in 2013 and then 2014, Smith said.
The technology will be based on Google's Android operating system currently used for some smart phones and will run on Intel's Atom chips, according to the paper.
Atom chips could lead to both more-accurate missiles and more-complex atom-optics experiments (SN: 5/8/99, p.
Part II contains research reviews that provide an integrated account of the current state in an active area of research where atom chips are employed, and explore possible routes of future progress.
The optical structures will be integrated on atom chips, for improved stability and scalability.
As part of these on-going efforts, Intel's is developing two new low-power Atom chips.
The new architecture, Silvermont, is the first revision to the original Bonnel architecture of the first Atom chips from 2008.
The company this year is expected to release new 22-nanometer Atom chips for budget and high-end smartphones.
Intel earlier this year released low-power Atom chips for high-end smartphones and tablets, and next year is expected to release new Atom chips for wireless handsets that are more power efficient.
Smartphones mainly run on power-efficient ARM processors, and Intel, eager to grab a share of the mobile chip business, is placing its bets on a smaller version of its Atom chips that it says will be more power efficient.
Intel also introduced its 'Quark' line of chipsets exclusively for wearable devices, which is said to be smaller in size and can draw one/tenth of the power of the firm's Atom chips, (http://news.
Intel will start shipping new low-power Atom chips for servers later this year to tackle ARM's threat.