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Washington, Mar 9 ( ANI ): A new single-ion time keeping system has been proposed which would be tied to the orbiting of a neutron around an atomic nucleus.
He would use this idea to formulate a theory of the atomic nucleus, but he was stumped about how to go further.
That's because a vast chasm--physicists call it "the nuclear desert"--yawns between the size of the biggest known stable atomic nucleus and neutron stars.
Because it takes so much energy to explode an atomic nucleus, the researchers suspect an outside force.
In an atomic nucleus, protons and neutrons presumably dance around in two-somes, like couples at a grand ball.
To understand the interactions that determine the size and shape of an atomic nucleus, it helps to have a detailed picture of the simplest possible combination: a proton bound to a neutron.
In nuclear fission, the splitting of an unstable atomic nucleus typically produces two moderate-size fragments and a number of neutrons.