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In Japan where the steel industry has declined drastically with a consequent reduction in refractories, there are other segments that are doing well for which Bahrain Atomisers can supply its product, McLaughlin said.
With a changeable atomiser system and protected battery, this revolutionary new e-cig is yet another advancement in the the design and technology of electronic cigarettes.
Adverse market conditions stemming from the Euro zone debt crisis and sluggish economic growth in many countries as well as issues relating to the purity level meant the company could not export higher volumes, Bahrain Atomisers general manager Tim McLaughlin told Gulf Industry.
Perfume atomisers replace standard brand bottles, bejewelled make-up compacts are better out of your bag than in and lipstick is chosen specifically for what's on the outside and trail those expensive diamonds, or diamantes, from your mirror.
In yet another example that the global financial meltdown was affecting the kingdom's industry was the cancellation of a number of orders at Bahrain Atomisers which makes aluminium pellets and powders.
The system harnesses the natural cooling effect of air and water, using a super-efficient heat exchange system, low-energy fans and water atomisers.
Bahrain Atomisers International general manager Tim McLaughlin says the new plants would need about 30,000 tonnes of aluminium powder if all projects made the transition from proposal to reality.
Precision engineered with revolutionary atomiser design.