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In contrast to the studies above which used horn-type atomizers which are usually expensive, Saswat et al.
Hollow-cone nozzles, flat-fan nozzles and rotary atomizers lead to similar penetration of droplets into the lower and middle thirds of the canopy.
Therefore, investigation and development of ultrasonic transducers as atomizers in order to improve their performance are a matter of great importance.
A year ago it cost about $50 to get a naloxone kit, consisting of an atomizer and the medication.
The 30 mm atomizer is sold under the Tac Mods USA brand, he added.
Besides, atomization can also be accomplished by injecting the high velocity liquid fuel into a relatively low velocity air or stream as used in pressure atomizer and rotary atomizer, which eject the liquid at high velocity from the periphery of a rotating cup or disc.
If a more "modern retro" design is a better fit for your brand, Aptar also offers customizable bulb atomizers, in a range of patterns and colors.
After the successful conversion of a robot to the new atomizer technology that delivered good painting results over several weeks, KIA decided to convert the remaining seven robots.
There is no problem in using atomizers as long as nothing reaches the throat.
Figure 6 shows the spray half cone angle as a function of injection pressure for pressure swirl atomizers designed for micro gas turbine engine.
(1982), Correlations for Prediction of Discharge Rate, Cone Angle and Air Core Diameter of Swirl Atomizers, Proc.
The NasoNeb[TM] Powered Nasal Irrigator from Medlnvent, LLC, available without a prescription, is designed to replicate the spray pattern of atomizers or spray bottles commonly used before nasal endoscopy is performed.