attention to detail

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Having done so, he covered the ground more slowly, as though inviting attention to detail.
William was decoyed up and shot, and had they only got the whole of the note and paid a little more attention to detail in the accessories, it is very possible that suspicion might never have been aroused.
Every lasting portion of the human frame was represented in these intricate designs (they were by Michael Angelo, I think,) and there was a careful finish about the work, and an attention to details that betrayed the artist's love of his labors as well as his schooled ability.
Australian batsmen such as Matthew Hayden and Mike Hussey had an attention to detail that at times could border on being obsessive, but Tendulkar took things to a new level, the said.
Outside, the attention to detail continues with traditional estate fencing, copper-bracketed lights, cobbled edgings and footpaths combining gravel and Indian stone.
Timbers such as beech, maple, walnut, oak, ash and iroko as well as the more familiar red pine and mahogany are always available and the superior craftsmanship, attention to detail and the use of the finest materials ensure that every product leaving the workshop is of the highest quality.
Tooling for helical gears calls for attention to detail because it must allow either the gear or the gear ring forming the teeth to rotate during ejection.
The book emphasizes that the recruiting process requires determination, a solid game plan, attention to detail, and disciplined execution.
This requires regular practice and attention to detail.
Toshiba has spent a lot of attention to detail to offer an innovative yet easy-to-use product that is very competitively priced.
in folklore and her attention to detail is careful and impressive.
The book's strongest chapters come in the center, where Tye does an impressive job of outlining the daily lives of the porters and the ridiculous attention to detail that the opulent setting required.

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