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Some might argue the PKK's terrorist attacks had caused this attitude change. I do not agree with them at all.
Interestingly, students who showed this decrease had significantly higher GPAs than students who became stronger supporters of the death penalty over the course of the semester, suggesting perhaps that those students who have stronger academic skills, and are perhaps more critical thinkers, are more accepting of attitude change. (It should be noted that despite the size of the sample of seventy students, most of the correlations obtained by these researchers were very small and few were significant; Cochran & Chamlin, 2005.) One measure that focuses on styles of thinking and how these relate to persuasion is Petty and Cacioppo's (1986) Need for Cognition.
The children behave badly towards the recluse until they discover the truth about his life as a prisoner of war and their attitude change. When a snowstorm blocks Shadows Lane, they help to dig a path to his door and take food to him.
Previous researchers have suggested that external justification is the key factor influencing experiences of cognitive dissonance and that such justification motivates attitude change (Aronson, 1969; Chiou & Wan, 2007; Frank, 1990; Goethals, Cooper, & Naficy, 1979; Wan & Chiou, 2010).
By categorizing PeaceMaker as a persuasive game (Bogost, 2006, 2007; Smith & Just, 2009), the study explored the effects of role-play (Elms, 1966; Greenwald & Albert, 1968; Janis & King, 1954; Watts, 1967) on attitude change through the process of self-persuasion (Aronson, 1999; Maio & Thomas, 2007).
present this survey of research looking into the psychology of attitudes and attitude change and the behavior associated with it.
"Do Zoos and Aquariums Promote Attitude Change in Visitors?" is a critical evaluation of a 2007 nonpeer reviewed study widely used by AZA as evidence of zoos and aquariums' educational impact.
On the first of these, 10 of the 11 practitioners recorded passes, whereas on the second, 9 indicated an attitude change toward lower levels of test anxiety.
Researchers are testing attitude change in a follow-up study.
Begin with an attitude change, though it may take awhile to really mean it.
In an intervention during a panel discussion on "Violence against Women and Women's Empowerment," she stressed the need for attitude change and how faith-based organizations have a unique role in this regard.
"So I went back home and made a good attitude change," added Singh, who won his second title of the year at the Barclays Classic last week.

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