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Interestingly, students who showed this decrease had significantly higher GPAs than students who became stronger supporters of the death penalty over the course of the semester, suggesting perhaps that those students who have stronger academic skills, and are perhaps more critical thinkers, are more accepting of attitude change.
Additionally, if individuals engage in an act or task that results in negative consequences for which they feel personally responsible, then attitude change would follow because the act or task that results in the negative consequence would be inconsistent with previously held attitudes (Scher & Cooper, 1989).
So I went back home and made a good attitude change," added Singh, who won his second title of the year at the Barclays Classic last week.
However, this study looked only at a short-term attitude change (same day) and did not examine actual behavior change.
That changed a bit this season, after team president and general manager Dean Lombardi demanded that Avery's attitude change.
It analyzed a total of 16 themes using 13 scales to measure attitude change from the first day of training to the end of the training period, just prior to the recruits' placement in an institutional setting.
Solution: A major cultural and attitude change occurred after the implementation of Voices School Design and Voices Reading Program.
Stories of the exercise of such veto testify to the author's surmise that the attitude change was real even if the impact on marriage pattern was delayed.
There is no data available to support nor to disprove the effectiveness of this popular curriculum on attitude change.
Third and finally, we further hypothesized that preservice teachers required to use WebCT would make greater use of nonmandatory WebCT course material compared to those whose WebCT use was optional, thereby providing a behavioral index of their attitude change.
According to the company, the outcome of the survey shows an attitude change in consumers who now expect ISPs to filter their Internet traffic in the same way that they filter their e-mail.
The purpose of LEAP is to create more of an attitude change than to potentially change legislation," he says.

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