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That is, students who frequently accessed WebCT content pages showed a greater degree of attitude change than those who accessed such pages less frequently.
This article also examined the extent to which the Supreme Court rulings induced attitude change among young adults.
By motivating the right person or group at the right time, management can effect an attitude change.
Wales) present a textbook for a graduate or upper-year undergraduate course on attitudes and attitude change for psychology students.
If my attitude is a problem then there is no attitude change that could convince David.
Attitude change often lags behind techno-economic development, and it seems to me, a woman, that it is taking a long time for many men to understand that the reasons for a sexual division of labor have largely evaporated.
If you didn't take "corporate compliance" seriously before, now is the time for an attitude change.
He emphasizes the driver's visual perceptions and attention but also discusses the importance of social psychological factors, including attitude formation, attitude change and risk perception.
Individual papers address such subjects as cognitive processes in attitude formation and change, individual differences in attitude change, and attitude research in the 21st century.
Key to THCI's Web-based instructional offering is a set of integrated, applied learning activities and online assessments that measure attitude change as well as knowledge and skills.
Regionally, we have witnessed a dramatic attitude change in investing in venture capital.

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