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I believe God gave us control over two things: freewill in choices and our attitude.
Male trainee teachers of formal sector showed a lesser amount of positive professional attitude than the attitudes of female trainee teachers of formal and non-formal sector.
Mann Whitney U and Kruskall Wallis test were used to evaluate the relationship between the number and percentage distributions of the demographic data of the study and the sociodemographic characteristics and Attitudes towards the Elderly Attitudes Scale.
Numerous studies showed indication of negative attitudes of students towards research regarding research course (Adams and Holcomb, 1986).
This research has potential for a wide range of implications from increased understanding of nature and manifestations of gender related attitudes as well as practical methods that can be employed to reduce negative attitudes and prejudices in our society.
The questionnaire contained three sections: general information, demographics and Community Attitudes toward the Mentally Ill (CAMI).
From a training point of view, gathering customer feedback around attitudes and skills helps you develop customised plans that get better results from staff.
It is indicated by many linguists that learning a language is strongly related to attitudes that reveal the speaker's cognitive, feelings and behaviors towards the learnt language.
Although there was non-significant difference in mean achievement scores of students taught by teachers having positive and those having negative attitudes towards students' corporal punishment but the mean achievement score of students who were taught by teachers with negative attitudes towards corporal punishment was considerably higher than the counterparts taught by those having positive attitude.
Effectiveness of a communication skill training program could be improved if we had a greater understanding of the students' beliefs and attitudes towards doctor--patient communication.
Most Australians equate CSIRO with Science, and attitudes in support of CSIRO rise and fall with changes in community attitudes to Science.
the Martin Fishbein Chair of Communication and Professor of Psychology at Pennsylvania, wrote that the dispositional attitude construct represents a new perspective in which attitudes are not simply a function of the properties of the stimuli under consideration, but are also a function of the properties of the evaluator.

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