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The Court first looked to the language of the Erisa statue, which provides that "the court in its discretion may allow a reasonable attorney's fee and costs .
reasonable attorney's fee to the prevailing party as part of the
The appeals court also held that the application of the lodestar method in calculating the attorney's fee award was an abuse of discretion.
too far to construe it as encompassing" attorney's fee awards
The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the attorney's fee award, finding that the equal protection claim and the malicious prosecution claim were not related.
Although a court may determine a "reasonable attorney's fee," its discretion isn't unlimited.
600(c)(1), which vests the lower tribunal with continuing jurisdiction to enter and enforce orders awarding "temporary attorney's fees and costs reasonably necessary to prosecute or defend an appeal[.
In March 2008, he filed a complaint to recover overtime compensation, damages and attorney's fees and costs.
Strange as it seems, the issue after the jury returned its verdict for the Estate was whether the trial court erred in awarding attorney's fees and costs, as well as the related expenses incurred by the Estate in pursing the case.
A sentence has also been added to that subsection requiring courts to schedule all hearings for or relating to interim attorney's fees and costs under that subsection in an expeditious manner.
Congress long ago determined that attorney's fees in civil-rights and constitutional cases are necessary to help prevailing parties vindicate their civil rights and to enable vigorous enforcement of these protections.
Existing law allows any employee to file a civil action to recover unpaid wages or overtime including interest, reasonable attorney's fees and costs of suit and under the Code of Civil Procedure 382 allows for class-action suits.

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