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Caselaw in which a contractual fee provision was at issue has been divided concerning the breadth of the attorneys' fee provision as to whether "fees for fees" litigation is encompassed.
This article provides an outline summarizing the pleading and procedural requirements for the recovery of attorneys' fees pursuant to a foreign prevailing party attorneys' fee statute.
The way the game was played out in Florida was this: The first "domino" was excessive litigation, often the result of the attorneys' fee provision, which led to settlements that carried enormous attorneys' fees no matter how small the settlement.
TheMassachusetts Wage Actprovides that an employee who "prevails" in an action to recover unpaid wages "shall be awarded the costs of the litigation and reasonable attorneys' fees." This "fee-shifting" provision is an exception to well-established "American Rule" under which each party bears his or her own attorneys' fees, win or lose.
Exercising her discretion to revisit a former ruling on attorneys' fees, a Superior Court judge has again held that the parents of a hearing-impaired student cannot recover attorneys' fees they incurred in securing special education services for their son.
Where a debtor agreed to pay attorneys' fees incurred in attempts to recover money owed under a loan in a contract signed prior to his filing for bankruptcy, the creditor was entitled to recover attorneys' fees that were incurred after the bankruptcy petition was filed.
After "many" billing hours and litigation expenses, the commission granted retroactive home health care compensation but refused to grant attorneys' fees associated with the additional award.
In a regulatory filing, Wells Fargo said "An internal review of the Company's use of a mortgage loan modification underwriting tool identified a calculation error regarding foreclosure attorneys' fees affecting certain accounts that were in the foreclosure process between April 13, 2010, and October 2, 2015, when the error was corrected.
An arbitration panel erred in awarding attorneys' fees to a broker in a wrongful termination and defamation case she successfully brought against the securities firm that fired her, a U.S.
Of course, the American rulewhich is also Minnesota's common law ruleis that parties to litigation generally pay their own attorneys' fees. See Ly v.
A "fateful miscalculation" resulted in Simmons Foods Inc.'s missing out on more than $1 million for attorneys' fees and damages in a lawsuit against its insurance carriers, according to a ruling by the 8th U.S.