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Although a considerable number of studies have been conducted in the product and service failure literatures that are based on attribution theory (Folkes 1984; Taylor 1994; Harris, Grewal, Mohr and Bernhardt 2006; Choi and Manila 2008), attribution behavior of consumers in the existence of a 3PL company has not been investigated in the scope of logistics customer service failures.
As Edwards & Potter point out, the same is true of attribution theory.
on the supervisor-subordinate relationship have been systematically studied within the theory-based context of attribution theory.
So important is this process of trying to determine causes for various outcomes in our lives that an entire area of study called causal attribution theory emerged out of the field of psychology to more thoroughly understand it.
The construct validation and application of a questionnaire of attribution theory for foreign language learning (ATFLL).
The third model accounted for the basic theoretical relationship suggested by attribution theory and color-in-context theory, whereby negative emotion mediates the relationship between color and perceptions.
Once again, attribution theory proves to be a helpful tool to fill many gaps in the poem.
Psychologists explain this reaction discrepancy by using the defensive attribution theory (Walster, 1966).
Spiritual Dreams and the Nepalese: Attribution Theory and the Dream-Related Cognition of Nepali Christians and Hindus.
Attribution theory revisited: Transforming cultural plurality into theoretical unity.